It’s been too long

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I started this blog and I haven’t written since the first day, shame on me.

Although I haven’t written anything I have been busy, I am still on a crochet buzz and have finished a few projects.

I made a sampler cushion cover. it’s a great way of getting up to scratch with a craft, I made squares of different stitches, double crochet, triple crochet, bobble stitch etc.

I made a couple of teddy bears and a kangarabbit… It started out as a rabbit but after a few comments that it looked more like a kangaroo I decided to invent a new species.

I’ve made a couple of cushions and hats and a few sample squares that I’m not sure what I’ll do with, probably make some more cushion covers or maybe a blanket.

I also made a lovely cardigan which I am very proud of. I will upload some pictures of my projects at a later stage.

I got most of the patterns on-line. The internet is great for finding free crochet patterns but one thing I have found, is that there is a difference between US and UK/Irish crochet. Although the stitches are the same the names are different,

a US single crochet (sc) is a double crochet (dc) in Ireland, and a US double crochet is a UK/Ireland triple crochet (tr). this can get a bit confusing and can make a big difference in the size of an item.  If you’re not sure whether you a reading a US or a UK  read through the pattern and look for sc or single crochet, UK crochet doesn’t use us the term, or check the spelling of colour (UK) or color (US) and also make sure you check the tension/gauge. (another difference, US patterns tend to use the term gauge while UK patterns tend to use tension.

Happy Crafting


easy crochet hat

easy childs crochet hat

easy crochet hat

I love crafts and am always changing my mind about which craft I love best. At the moment my attention is with crochet,

I love crochet because you can see your progress quite quickly, and you can create lovely things in a short time, I made this childs’ hat in just a few hours.

It was made using single crochet in spiral rounds, so do not join at the end of each round unless stated in the pattern. use a marker to keep track of where each round ends.

chain 4, join using a slip stitch, chain 1

  • round 1    sc 10 into loop.
  • round 2    sc 2 into each sc (20 stitches)
  • Round 3   sc 1 into each sc (20)
  • round 4    sc 2 into each sc (40)
  • round 5    sc 1 into each sc (40)
  • round 6   *sc 2 into first stitch and 1 into next stitch repeat from * to end of round (60)
  • rounds 7 – 25    sc 1 into each sc
  • round 8   change colour, sc 1 into each sc
  • round 9 – 35       sc 1 into each sc finish final round by skipping  last stitch and slip stitch into next, cut yarn and weave into work

I made the flower by following this youtube video  But you can add any decoration you wish